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Customer Testimonials

"Hands down it was the best we've ever sounded!"

"You were ready for us!"

"Glenn worked tirelessly and conscientiously in advance and during the event, and everything came off seamlessly."

"Really appreciate the way you paid attention to the band the whole night, I loved all the subtle touches you put on the vocals, and this was the first time you ever ran [sound] for us!"


"Decidedly [of] 'sound' mind!"

"I appreciated all the work that you put into determining what rig to use to make us sound best (based on conditions) and the attention to Detail."

"[You made] sure we sounded good out of the gate."

"A joy to work with—he demonstrated true grace under pressure."

"Throughout the day, I observed Glenn's expertise and learned quite a bit about Audio/Visual technology."

"It was a Great PA (you researched which one would work best for the situation/venue), you had great gear, and you're a great person to work with too."

"Totally professional from start to finish! You had a reasonable price and worked a full day to help us sound great!"

"Glenn was professional, courteous, and a subject matter expert on this technology."

"I doubt we could have done it without him."

"Thanks again and talk to you soon (because you know we'll be callin' again!)"